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What’s JavaPipe About?

JavaPipe, an internet solutions company backed by IT experts specializing in Java and security, was founded in 2001 and is headquartered in Salt Lake City, Utah with Cloud and DDoS scrubbing centers in America and Europe.

JavaPipe provides unique, cloud-based Java web hosting with Tomcat providing easy management and redundancy that delivers the benefits of a shared environment, with control and resources of a dedicated server. JavaPipe delivers a comprehensive set of security solutions to enable high volume websites and applications to provide a secure, high-performing and highly accessible user experiences.

Service providers can enable safe, secure, and available internet resources and introduce new revenue streams by reselling rebranded JavaPipe hosting and security solutions.

Why JavaPipe for DDoS Protection?

As the threat of DDoS attacks grew, so did the number of DDoS protection providers. As the number of providers grew, so did the number of resellers. If we are to traverse the landscape today, many offer “DDoS Protection” though, what are their qualifications? Are they really DDoS experts? Do they have access to the DDoS mitigation equipment? Or are they just reselling?

As you likely assumed, DDoS protection is to protect online resource availability even in the event of a cyber attack. It is normally an expensive solution, and as such should be delivered up to par, with increased availability, minimal latency, and reliable support.

JavaPipe, a leading provider of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection with threat mitigation hardware in America and Europe, is breaking through the noise with enterprise-grade RioRey hardware and proprietary DDoS firewalls.

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Cloud Web Hosting

Why JavaPipe for Web Hosting?

We provide specialized hosting that no other provider can offer. All our web hosting servers are Cloud-based, which guarantees close to 100% uptime and fast loading websites.

Our Java hosting is based on Tomcat and, of course, also utilizes Cloud infrastructure. Each Tomcat instance is completely dedicated to one user, although it’s a shared hosting environment.

The PHP hosting plans come with free SSL, CloudFlare support, spam filtration, daily offsite backups and much more.

Our data centers are located in Europe and the USA to assure perfect performance around the world.