Web Hosting Affiliate Program

Webhosting affiliate program

Become an Affiliate

You can make money from advertising by enrolling in the JavaPipe Affiliate Program. You earn money without the headaches that normally come with it.

Use our banners and links to earn 10% recurring commission!

Already a JavaPipe Customer?

Simply login to your account and enable yourself as an affiliate by clicking on the affiliates tab.

When Will I Be Paid?

All affiliate payments have a 60-day hold period. The hold period is required to get the sign-up past our 60-day mark. Once the commission clears it will be paid to you.

Can I Monitor My Sales?

Yes, all sales and clicks will be shown in your affiliate control panel. Watch your money build up with each and every person you refer!

Want to Save on Your Services?

Use your affiliate referrals as credit towards your invoices.

What Services are Included in the Affiliate Program?

All of JavaPipe's web hosting and DDoS protection related services (only exception are dedicated servers!) are included in our affiliate program.

How Do I Receive My Payouts?

Payments are sent to the PayPal account you designate in the affiliate control panel. Payments will be available for your release once they have been cleared.

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