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windows server cmd uptime

How to Check Uptime of a Windows Server

There are several ways to check the uptime of a Windows VPS server. For example, you can use the Get-Uptime cmdlet, or you can use the Systeminfo command-line utility. You can also use the Get-ServerUptimeRobot command-line utility. However, these methods do not work as efficiently as those that can run directly from the command-line interface. …

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Best JavaServer Pages (JSP) Hosting

If you’re new to Java hosting, you may not know much about JavaServer Pages (JSP) yet. But JSP is an essential part of hosting with Java – it’s the technology that allows you create dynamic, interactive content for your website. For e-commerce businesses, that interactivity is everything. It’s what lets site visitors to do things …

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35 Types of DDoS Attacks Explained

DDoS attacks are a major concern for online businesses. According to the Q3 2015 Security Report by Akamai, there’s a 179.66% increase in the total number of DDoS attacks! This figure suggests that, in the last two years, an alarming number of businesses have been targeted by criminals, activists, and hackers for nefarious reasons. It …

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Spring MVC Web Application Tutorial With Examples

The purpose of this Spring MVC tutorial is to build a web-application utilizing the Spring MVC framework, including real world examples. This tutorial will be presented in multiple parts with each subsequent part building in more functionality such as using a Relational Database or adding use of Spring Security for authentication and authorization. The web-application …

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Bitcoin VPS Hosting

There are several web and VPS hosting providers who accept the popular cryptocurrency Bitcoin as a payment method. However, you can’t trust all of these providers and there are several things you need to consider before buying a web hosting plan with bitcoins. What Are Bitcoins? Bitcoins (BTC) are the most popular type of decentralized …

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Tomcat Realm: Tutorial & Examples

What is Tomcat Realm? Definition: Tomcat Realms is an interface for connecting Catalina to a existing database of usernames, passwords and roles to handle application authentication. You can manage your user access and their roles. Roles are grouping of users based on permissions you wish to grant to any group of users. There are many …

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Top 3 DDoS Attacks Toughest To Block

Have you ever wondered which types of DDoS attacks are hardest to stop? There are many different types of Distributed Denial of Service attacks, but not all of them are hard to block, so we’ve put together the Top 3 from a DDoS protection provider’s perspective. Generally speaking, it’s always tough to stop DDoS attacks …

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