Managed HTTP/2 Hosting with Free Lifetime SSL

JavaPipe offers fully managed anti DDoS hosting with all of its VPS and dedicated server products. This article explains how you can directly benefit from it and claim your lifetime SSL certificates at no extra costs. With our managed hosting you can focus on running your website and leave the system administration to JavaPipe, which includes daily updates and tweaks to get incredible performance out of your hardware.

Highlights of JavaPipe’s Managed Hosting

First let’s take a look at the features of our worry-free hosting, many of which you won’t find at other web hosting providers. We spent a lot of time on coming up with the perfect setup that combines bleeding edge technology with backwards compatibility and stability of traditional hosting environments.

  • Vesta Control Panel: Easy to use web hosting control panel to manage your domains, e-mail addresses, databases, cronjobs, backups, FTP accounts, and much more.
  • Layer 7 DDoS Filtering: Advanced protection against layer 7 DDoS attacks on software level. This adds extra security for everyone who’s under threat of sophisticated HTTP attacks.
  • Web Application Firewall: A WAF that keeps your web application safe from “hackers” that try to exploit it using SQL injections, RFI or XSS.
  • Google PageSpeed: We can enable PageSpeed for your domain(s) upon request to optimize your HTML, images, JavaScript and CSS on-the-fly for an extra performance boost.
  • HTTP/2 Support: The brand new HTTP/2 protocol offers huge performance improvements over HTTP/1.1 and gets enabled by default if you add a website with an SSL certificate.
  • Free SSL: You can claim free SSL for any domain hosted on your managed server to benefit from HTTP/2 and extra security, such as Perfect Forward Secrecy (PFS) and HTTP Strict Transport Security (HSTS).

The above is just a limited overview of a few of the many amazing features of our managed hosting. It also offers daily backups, which are locally by default, but if you provide FTP credentials to a remote backup location we can configure your managed hosting to use the remote location for backups.

You can restore backups with just one click including emails, configurations such as DNS zones and databases. Other features are: Redis (for caching, optional), Memcached, ZendOpcache, DKIM and RBLs for emails and much more.

Managed Anti DDoS Hosting

How to Order Managed Hosting

Basically every VPS and dedicated server offer on our website can be turned into a fully managed product. After clicking the order button, you’ll land on the order form where you can configure a few options. One of them is named “Server Management” and that’s where you want to select “Fully Managed (w/ hosting panel Vesta & layer 7 filtering)”. OS selection should be set to CentOS 6 because that’s what we’ll use and “Control Panel License” has to be set to “None” because the full management option already means that we use Vesta.

Upon request we can also use CentOS 7 instead of CentOS 6 for your managed anti DDoS hosting, which would come with more recent software packages such as PHP 5.6. We use CentOS 6 and PHP 5.4 by default for backwards compatibility. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us via support ticket, live chat or social media.

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