Hosting an Online Store with OpenCart

Looking for a simple yet feature-rich online store which is easy to use and available at low cost? Look no further, just go to, download and install the software and start selling products. There are many shopping cart software solutions available on the market these days, such as Magento, PrestaShop and many more, but there is no other software which has received this much popularity within a short time span.

What is OpenCart?

OpenCart is a fully open source shopping platform, which is feature rich and extremely easy to use. It is written in PHP and uses MySQL for its database part. Compared to other shopping cart solutions which are popular these days, OpenCart is comparatively new to the market but at the same time has gained a lot of popularity within a short time. It was initially developed in Perl when Christopher G. Mann launched it in 1998. However, he was not able to properly maintain it and finally decided to wind up the project in 2000.

Later in 2009, Daniel Kerr, a UK based developer used this as a base for his e-commerce platform. His software was written in PHP and the current OpenCart store had its development from there. OpenCart was widely accepted throughout China and by 2015 it had acquired almost 6% of the entire market share for e-commerce software. The first version of the software that was released in 2009 was version 1.1.1 and is now at the latest

OpenCart online store CMS Logo

OpenCart has a lot of cool features, such as:

  • It is an open source shopping cart which provides the software free of cost. Any changes can be made to it and you can customize it any way you wish
  • It lets you create unlimited categories and products
  • It supports multiple stores, multiple languages, and multiple currencies
  • It has a built-in template system which makes your store designing easier. OpenCart templates are available in plenty and can be used for store designing. OpenCart templates, themes, and extensions can be downloaded and used, and they have great demand owing to its style and responsiveness.
  • It has support for multiple payment gateways, multiple tax rates, and shipping processes
  • It supports SEO
  • It has inbuilt backup/restore tools
  • OpenCart documentation is worth mentioning. It is available for all OpenCart features, with detailed explanation and images.
  • Support is available via helpdesk, documentation, community forum, and dedicated professional support

What is OpenCart Online Store Hosting?

A hosting solution which has been specifically designed for OpenCart powered websites is known as OpenCart Hosting. Such hosting packages will mostly come with OpenCart pre-installed. This lets customers start building their store as soon as their account is activated. The support team will make sure to provide high uptime for your websites, and will also take care of security, OpenCart updates, backups and such things.

In addition, the support team of a managed OpenCart hosting solution might contain OpenCart experts who can assist you with any issues you might encounter during hosting your website with them. Their servers will be customized specifically for OpenCart requirements. OpenCart lists only PHP and MySQL as the major requirements, hence it is also a fact that pretty much any decent shared host can host OpenCart websites without issues.

OpenCart Hosting at JavaPipe

JavaPipe, founded in 2001, has a good reputation in the hosting industry based on the services we offer and the support we provide to customers. We launched the best Java hosting plans in the industry and has been a top provider on the same ever since its release. Along with Java hosting, we are currently concentrating on our PHP hosting plans, which are stable shared hosting packages built on top of a redundant cloud platform. OpenCart Hosting is provided as a part of our PHP Cloud Hosting plans. We do not advertise ourselves to be a specific OpenCart host, however, just like any specific OpenCart Hosting server, our servers are also well tailored for hosting OpenCart websites.

JavaPipe’s PHP Cloud hosting servers are built on supreme hardware and takes advantage of the cloud platform. We employ superior SSD drives for best performance of websites. The presence of SSD drives guarantee high speed, stability, durability and minimizes the risk of data loss. The PHP Cloud hosting servers reside on a redundant CloudStack environment, making it more reliable.

PHP Cloud Hosting servers are indeed the best choice for OpenCart Hosting at JavaPipe. OpenCart requires PHP and MySQL to run and JavaPipe offers it pretty well. We allow customers with any old code to migrate to our servers and make their sites live in minutes. This is doable as JavaPipe allows multiple PHP versions to be run on the same server, ranging from the old PHP 4 to the latest PHP 7.

For the easier management of websites, we provide a feature rich control panel named SiteWorx to our customers. While cPanel is the most common panel, our choice went with Softaculous owing to the various features and easy to use interface it provides. For customers looking forward to OpenCart Hosting, we have made the installation and setup of OpenCart simpler by providing the wonder software Softaculous through our panel. Anyone who requires OpenCart can simply login to their SiteWorx panel, click on Softaculous and install OpenCart at a click. You don’t have to go through the tedious manual installation steps or create folders or databases on your own. Just enter a few details and everything will be automatically created by Softaculous.

All the industry best practices are considered while maintaining security on PHP Cloud Hosting servers. Accounts are isolated within LVEs and CageFS is implemented to provide maximum security. Our knowledgeable and courteous support team is available round the clock to assist customers with any issues that they come across. The support team takes special care in maintaining security on the servers, auditing servers periodically and taking corrective and preventive actions whenever an issue is noticed, and work towards maintaining our high uptime guarantee.

Let us now see how Open Cart can be installed at a click using Softaculous in JavaPipe’s PHP Cloud Hosting.

How to Install OpenCart on JavaPipe’s Cloud Platform with One Click

Here are the steps you need to follow for installing Open Cart on our servers easily. You can also manually download and install the cart, however, the steps below does everything for you much easier.

  1. Login to your control panel and search for ‘Softaculous’.
  2. In the Softaculous interface, search for OpenCart and click on the Install button.
  3. Enter the details that are asked. If you are unsure of any, it is okay to leave it with the default values. You can modify them later also.
    OpenCart Softaculous setup screen
  4. Once all details are entered, click Install button and you have the cart ready. You will receive a confirmation message if the installation goes fine with links to your open cart store and admin area. You can then access your store, which will be installed with sample content. This makes it very easier for customers to get an idea on how to modify the store.
    OpenCart installation complete

OpenCart vs. Other E-Commerce Software

E-commerce hosting has great significance these days. In our previous articles, we explained in detail a few other ecommerce hosting techniques like Magento Hosting, Prestashop Hosting, WooCommerce Hosting which comes as a part of WordPress Hosting etc. Magento is considered to be the world leader in the e-commerce market these days. However, Magento is definitely not the choice for beginners, as it is a more developer friendly application. However, the options and features that it provides are awesome. Prestashop, on the other hand, is comparatively easier to use, and even beginners can test and learn on how to use the store easily. It is an award winning project and has a lot of users worldwide. WooCommerce, which comes as a WordPress plugin also has gained popularity these days, owing to the easier installation and ease of use.

While comparing OpenCart with the above software, it has its positives and negatives. It is not as advanced as Magento, but it provides a professional look, easy admin interface, SEO options, lots of good themes and templates to choose from, multiple store features, and above all the perfect choice for a beginner.

Open Cart can run fine not only on Open Cart optimized servers, but also on any decent shared hosting, reseller hosting or VPS hosting. JavaPipe currently do not offer Reseller hosting, however customers can take advantage of our VPS hosting plans. We provide unmetered VPS plans which offer unmetered bandwidth at 1Gbps speed. We have plans to start hosting reseller accounts also soon, however, they are in the planning phase.

Hosting OpenCart websites is no big deal. The PHP Cloud Hosting packages are on a shared hosting environment but the servers are all well tailored for Open Cart Hosting. The hosting features are second to none, and can be chosen as one of the best Opencart optimized packages. High uptime, limited but sufficient storage and bandwidth resources, unlimited databases, remote backups, free SSL certificates, CloudFlare CDN support etc are a few among the many hosting features that come with PHP Cloud Hosting packages.

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