The Best Hosting for Spring MVC Framework based Java Apps in 2019

Spring Framework Web Hosting

spring mvc hosting

If you developed or had someone develop a Java application that uses the Spring Framework with MVC, chances are you want to host it online to make it accessible to its users. The good news is that our Tomcat hosting plans all support Spring! This means you can select any of the offered packages and start hosting your Spring application in our global cloud infrastructure today.

But what is the Spring framework and why do so many Java developers use it? We’ll answer these questions below and learn a few facts about Spring.

Java Spring Hosting: Framework Overview

The Spring framework is an open source Java framework. Its goal is to ensure good coding practices and to simplify following them. It can be used to develop pretty much any kind of Java application due to its many extensions. According to the official Spring website, its focus is on writing “clean, testable code” to “accomplish any task without re-inventing the wheel”.

Some of the most used Spring framework extensions are:

  • Spring Data – for NoSQL connections
  • Spring Extensions – to connect to other Frameworks
  • Spring MVC – for development of Java web applications
  • Spring Security – to secure Java web applications
  • Spring Web Flow – for web app development
  • Spring for Android – for simple development of Android apps

There are many more Spring extensions – this is just a very limited collection. We also published a Spring MVC tutorial a while ago.

Spring MVC Hosting: What is the Spring Framework?

We already covered this above. The Java Spring Framework is a powerful framework that makes it easy to develop all sorts of top-notch and secure Java applications. It is one of the most wide-spread Java frameworks out there. If you’re a Java developer and haven’t worked with Spring yet, you definitely should check it out.

Java Spring Web Hosting: Why Use the Spring Framework?

If you code a Java application without using any framework, you might end up with security holes or other design errors. A framework makes it much easier to follow security standards and best coding practices because you as a developer don’t need to care about them as much – the framework does it for you.

The Spring framework is the most powerful framework that you can find for Java development. If you want to use a framework for your development efforts (and you should!), use Spring. You won’t be disappointed.

When it comes to hosting your Spring application online, JavaPipe has you covered. Its Tomcat cloud hosting plans are proven to work more than well with Spring applications.

Web Hosting for Spring Framework Applications

If you want to host your Spring-based application online, you’ll need an appropriate hosting environment for it. Most web hosting providers only offer PHP hosting, but what you need is Java hosting with a dedicated JVM, which not even most Java hosting providers offer.

Luckily there’s JavaPipe. JavaPipe offers dedicated JVM hosting with Tomcat in the cloud. This kind of Java hosting solution makes it possible to run any kind of framework! No restrictions on what you can run and all that in a shared cloud hosting environment at affordable prices.

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