Two New Exciting Tools to Fight DDoS Attacks and Hackers

JavaPipe is pleased to announce two new exciting tools to fight attacks and hackers this quarter.

Frustrated DDoS attacker

RetDoS : For people who have been plagued with DDoS attacks, this fine piece of technology will take the IP addresses of the attacker and his associates and send out return DDoS attacks to all the originating IP’s using their own servers. This will ensure that the attacker is attacked in equal volume and what’s more, this should bring down the offender’s ISP as well. This ensures they think twice before making any attacks against your infrastructure again. We also recommend using our add-on Internet Defense In Official Terms for enhanced protection.

StingPing : With our revolutionary “Server Triggering Uptime Pinging Info Damage” and “Go-Get-A-Life II” technology, it has never been easier to deal with hackers. Previously, users suffered from hacking attacks, leaked data etc., and were held to ransom by hackers. With STUPID installed and an easy to use GUI, the server admin can easily block hacking attacks. What’s more, STUPID will hack into the hacker’s computer, revealing to you all the criminal activities of the hacker, including (but not limited to) their porn stash, their bitcoins, the amount of coffees they had and the number of years since they last had a girlfriend (or a life).

As an add-on, you can also use Internet Defense In Official Terms. IDIOT is an amazing add-on that will send the hacker’s name and address to their nearest police station and a mugshot will be printed there, with the words “CAUGHT – HA HA!” . This enables peace of mind for you and the law enforcement agencies!


Well, we’re really joking, DDoS is difficult to deal with, as is hacking, we suggest you sign up with JavaPipe and enjoy our proven DDoS protection, and talk to our expert security team about how to best secure your servers!

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