What is Unmetered Bandwidth and Why Do I Need it?

Nowadays, most businesses and website owners are aware that to succeed requires attracting a high volume of visitors to the website.

But some VPS plans end up charging businesses and individuals when a website goes over the traffic limit.

Getting more visitors and consumers to your site is the goal of good business, so why should you be penalized for doing business the right way?

With an unmetered bandwidth plan, you don’t have to pay a price for the success of your website.

To ensure that your website and server do justice to your business, here’s what you need to know about an unmetered bandwidth hosting plan.

What Is Unmetered Bandwidth?

You might be asking yourself, what is unmetered bandwidth? To put it simply, an unmetered bandwidth plan offers you the ability to pay based on the speed rather than the volume of traffic. In other words, you don’t get charged for the volume of traffic that comes to your site.

At first glance, this might not sound ideal, because of course every business wants high-speed performance all the time. And with unmetered bandwidth, you can get that, too. But in terms of cost-effectiveness, it actually pays to go for a plan with unmetered bandwidth.

If the benefits aren’t clear yet, it may help to clarify a couple terms before we dive into the specifics:

  • Traffic: This is the total amount of data transferred through a host over a given period of time. Data is measured in bytes, often MB or GB. The period of time for charges is typically one month.
  • Bandwidth: This is the speed at your website pages upload, and the rate at which visitors can access, click through, and download items from your webpages. The bandwidth is the upper limit for the rate at which data can transfer between your servers and that of the visitors. The more traffic to your website at a given time, the higher your bandwidth usage.

With plans that charge for the volume of traffic, they will set a limit on the amount of data that can be transferred within a month. If you have a limit of 100MB, your site can have 100MB of data transfer without reaching the limit. If the traffic on your site does go over this limit, then you will be charged additional fees.

When you choose a plan with unmetered bandwidth, you’re not affected by how much traffic your website gets. Unmetered bandwidth entails that no matter how much data your site transfers, you won’t get charged fees.

Why Do I Need Unmetered Bandwidth?

The answer for this question depends in part on your website. If you run a small site that doesn’t get much traffic, such as a personal blog that you’re not really trying to market, then you won’t need unmetered bandwidth since the traffic to your site won’t change all that much.

However, businesses or websites that get heavy traffic or spikes in usage, or that anticipate requiring scalability for future growth do need unmetered bandwidth. It ends up being a more cost-effective plan to pay for the speed of data usage. Websites that operate on a metered bandwidth end up paying a hefty fee or extra sum when their traffic exceeds the limits of their bandwidth usage.

By opting for unlimited bandwidth, a website can expand and grow its consumer base without being charged a fee for it, and that is the goal of business after all.

Some examples of businesses and websites that could benefit from unmetered bandwidth include:

  • E-commerce retailers that regularly run sales or have a large consumer base
  • Blogs with a large following aka heavy traffic
  • News and media sites with a high volume of regular readers and spikes during peak usage times
  • Online gaming sites with high-volume usage and that require high-speed services

These are just a handful of examples of websites that require a balance of bandwidth and allowed traffic. As traffic spikes during peak times, an unmetered bandwidth plan will level out the data usage evenly to stay within the limits of the bandwidth without cutting off or charging for high-volume traffic.

Will Unmetered Bandwidth Slow Down My Website?

There’s a common misconception that an unmetered bandwidth plan equates to slower service and internet connectivity. This is because unmetered bandwidth plans are often featured on

a shared VPS server. As the traffic on one site spikes on the VPS, their bandwidth limit ensures that other sites on the same server don’t get crowded out.

But a shared VPS with an unmetered bandwidth plan doesn’t mean that the rate of connectivity has to slow down. The bandwidth speed just depends on the type of plan you purchase. In general, a hosting bandwidth will fall anywhere between 10 Mbps to 1 Gbps. A bandwidth of 100 Mbps is considered high-speed and high-performance for dedicated servers. At JavaPipe, even our lowest-priced unmetered plans start at a high-performing bandwidth speed of 1 Gbps.

Plans for Any Size Business and Website

JavaPipe offers unmetered VPS plans to suit the bandwidth needs and traffic demands of any sized business or website. All plans start at the high-performing bandwidth speed of 1 Gbps, and go as high as 10Gbps. There are a range of VPS plans that offer cost-effective options for businesses small to large. Our unmetered VPS plans are available in the USA and Europe.

Advantages of the JavaPipe Unmetered VPS Plans

In addition to the flexibility of traffic volume and speed offered by our unmetered bandwidth plans, we also offer options for scalability.

We understand that small businesses that are just starting out might only want to pay for lower-priced packages. But as those businesses grow and draw in more customers, they don’t have to worry about switching to a different server or creating a new site in order to keep up with the increase in traffic and bandwidth usage. Our convenient VPS upgrade options allow you to customize and scale your VPS plan to suit your website needs.

This in addition to other advantages of the JavaPipe plan include:

  • Scalability with Easy One-Click Upgrade Options
  • High-performing bandwidth speeds of 1Gbps-10Gbps
  • DDos Attack Protection included with every package
  • Powerful hardware with KVM VPS nodes
  • Full control of your VPS services with managed or unmanaged options
  • Premium carriers for the best quality bandwidth and performance
  • 24/7 support

When it comes to running your business and website, you shouldn’t have to be punished for attracting high volume traffic. In fact, it’s a cause to celebrate! So why stick with a VPS plan that makes you pay every time your traffic exceeds the limit? Switch to a 1Gbps VPS with unmetered bandwidth to save money and reap the rewards for running your business the right way.

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