DDoS Protection

Defense against the most sophisticated DDoS attacks.

DDoS Firewall

Advanced DDoS Mitigation Technology

DDoS Attack Mitigation

Protects Against All DDoS Attack Types

DDoS Attack Protection

Europe and USA Network PoPs

JavaPipe DDoS Shield

Next-Gen DDoS Protection Solutions

JavaPipe is an industry-leading expert in cyber defense solutions. Its advanced multi-layer DDoS mitigation setup can deal with large-scale DDoS attacks while also protecting customers against small DDoS attacks that many other mitigation systems wouldn’t even detect.

After years in the cyber security business, JavaPipe developed its own unique DDoS protection system, which consists of three different protection layers.

Router Access Control Lists

Static ACLs

Access Control Lists (ACLs) at the network edge to drop amplification DDoS traffic before it can reach the firewall clusters.

RioRey DDoS Appliance

RioRey Hardware

RioRey DDoS mitigation devices that detect and block most network and application layer DDoS attacks.

PipeGuard DDoS Firewall

PipeGuard Firewall

A unique stateful firewall developed by JavaPipe that detects and blocks any remaining attack traffic in under one second.

JavaPipe DDoS Mitigation

Customers can request customization of the DDoS filtration rules on all layers.

Our highly experienced staff assists each customer in tailoring the DDoS protection systems for the particular application the customer operates and the attacks it receives.

In most cases the default mitigation is more than sufficient.

DDoS Mitigation System
Remote DDoS Protection

Remote DDoS Protection Service

Our remote DDoS protection plans can be used to remotely protect websites, game servers and most other TCP and UDP applications against DDoS attacks without migrating your hosting server to JavaPipe.

Key Features:

  • Remotely protect any kind of website or service against DDoS without migrating to a different server
  • Website Protection includes WAF (Web Application Firewall), advanced layer 7 protection, HTTP/2, static content caching and more
  • Application protection supports NAT forwarding as well as GRE and VPN tunneling
  • Available in Bucharest (750Gbps DDoS protection by default) and New York (up to 50Gbps DDoS protection)

DDoS Protected Dedicated Servers

DDoS protected servers are ideal for hosting sensitive applications that require a high performance and advanced security directly inside our DDoS protected network.

Protected dedicated servers are also an ideal choice for web hosting providers who want to offer DDoS protected hosting to their clients.

Key Features:

  • Powerful dedicated hardware inside our DDoS protected network
  • Flexible server configuration
  • Dedicated stateful PipeGuard DDoS firewall (optional)
  • Available in Bucharest (750Gbps DDoS protection by default) and New York (up to 50Gbps DDoS protection)
Protected Dedicated Servers
DDoS protected VPS servers

DDoS Protected VPS

Virtual Private Servers (VPS) with flexible resources and DDoS protection levels.

We use only the latest and greatest hardware to power our VPS nodes and KVM virtualization to allow clients to customize the Linux kernel and other low-level system components.

The DDoS protection includes all three DDoS mitigation layers explained above.

Key Features:

  • Pure SSD storage
  • Linux, FreeBSD and Windows
  • Available in New York (up to 50Gbps DDoS protection)

Unmetered VPS

Virtual servers that don’t only include 750Gbps DDoS protection, but also completely unmetered bandwidth up to 10Gbps. The unmetered VPS plans have fixed resources and can be upgraded at any time.

Key Features:

  • Fast CPU cores
  • 1-10Gbps unmetered bandwidth
  • Pure SSD storage
  • Available in Bucharest (750Gbps DDoS protection included)
Unmetered VPS Servers