• Can I purchase anonymously? +

    Absolutely not. We are often target of malicious intent and thus we do not tolerate any anonymous requests or customers falsifying their profile details.
  • Why was my order declined? +

    Couple of reasons. One is your address does not match your credit card details or your card does not support Address Verification Service (AVS). International customers will be handled manually and pushed through if valid. If your address is not correct, please update your profile in your client login to insure that it doesn't get declined again.
  • Can’t seem to add more ports or web domains in GuardPanel? +

    The big black bar above your existing port or domain is a button to add more ports or domains.
  • GuardPanel doesn’t seem to be working? +

    1. Did you select the right option for your protection? Web Protection for websites and Game Protection for game servers?
    2. Did you click on the Commit button after adding your ports for games or websites for web protection?
    3. Did you allow at least 10 minutes for configurations to be applied?
    4. Did you add your servers real IP?
    When clicking on the commit button, the configuration is packaged and then will be submitted asynchronously with the queue that runs every 5 minutes.
  • What is a DDoS protected IP? +

    The DDoS protected IP is the IP that JavaPipe provides to you to use instead of the actual IP of your website or game server. This IP is what directs your visitor traffic through our filters before sending clean traffic directly to your server.
  • What is a DDoS protected proxy? +

    A DDoS protected proxy or DDoS Proxy is a solution that forwards clean visitor traffic back to your actual website or game server after the DDoS traffic has been filtered out. It is a type of remote DDoS protection.
  • What is a real IP or destination IP? +

    This is the actual IP of your website or game server. This IP is the IP you need to keep secret. If you are setting up a new DDoS protected solution, we also recommend that you ask your hosting provider for a new IP address for your server to make sure that it's unknown to the attackers and securely hidden behind your remote DDoS protection.
  • Will there be extra latency using proxy based protection? +

    In general, you should expect to see slight increase of latency when using the DDoS Protective proxy solution. It is recommended to request for the nearest solution to your server either in Americas or Europe. Latency really varies on a lot of things – how your gamer or visitor's ISP connects to the backbone and how your servers host network is setup and which uplink provider they use. Latency varies greatly so alll that we can insure is that JavaPipe PipeGuard proxies are on a strong network with at least 1gbps uplink if not more on each proxy server. So for example if you're getting 50ms to a real server in Texas, then you might see 60-70ms using the proxy protection. If you're server is in Germany and you use our EU facility, you may get latency as low as 46ms.
  • Can’t seem to add more ports or web domains in GuardPanel? +

    The big black bar above your existing port or domain is a button to add more ports or domains.
  • How is traffic calculated on my DDoS protection plan? +

    Traffic is calculated through the proxy which is 2 way traffic. Meaning, clean traffic to your server and then traffic from your server back through the proxy (ACK). This will show double traffic so if you generate about 100gb a month in bandwidth, then you will want to sign up for the 200GB protection plan.
  • What IP do I use for my domain’s A record? +

    If you are using PipeGuard to protect your website from DDoS, then you will need to update your websites DNS A record to use the DDoS protected IP that we provide to you.
  • What is the best method to get immediate assistance? +

    Submit support ticket with your client login. We will respond very quickly. The chat service is for sales only and not for support.
  • How many domains can I protect per DDoS protection plan? +

    You can protect as many domains as you want – as long as they share the same real IP.
  • Will I get a warning when I reach the bandwidth limit? +

    Yes as long as the email you provide to us when you sign up is good and valid. You will receive notification when you reach 75% and on. Once 100% your proxy will be suspended.
  • What happens in the event of DMCA complaints? +

    We will forward this complaint to you as well as provide the complaint submitter with your email address so that you two can work it out. We will not shut your service down from these complaints, however, if we receive a court order, then we will have no choice but to turn off your services. The reason for this is because a lot of complaints are fabricated and we have no way to validate DMCA claims. Our advice to you is, please heed to piracy laws and pay for the software or services that you use. We do not condone theft but we also do not waste our time trying to figure out if you're paid for your software or not.
  • Can I buy extra IPs for my DDoS protection? +

    No you cannot. Only 1 IP per JavaPipe PipeGuard solution. However if you have a custom high availability plan, a DDoS secured dedicated server or DDoS secure VPS server then you're welcome to buy more IPs.
  • What IP do I use for my game? +

    For game protection against DDoS, you need to use the DDoS protected IP that we provide when you sign up. You need to keep your real IP private to prevent attackers from targeting your server IP directly.
  • What kinds of attacks can you block? +

    SYN Flood; SYN-ACK Flood; ACK & PUSH ACK Flood; Fragmented ACK; RST or FIN Flood; Synonymous IP; Fake Session; Session Attack; Misused Application Attack; HTTP Fragmentation; Excessive VERB; Excessive VERB Single Session; Multiple VERB Single Request; Recursive GET; Random Recursive GET; Faulty Application; UDP Flood; UDP Fragmentation; DNS Flood; VoIP Flood; Media Data Flood; Non-Spoofed UDP Flood; ICMP Flood; ICMP Fragmentation; and Ping Flood.
  • Is there a way to test drive your DDoS protection services? +

    Sometimes we offer if you ask nicely. Generally you can try out by signing up and if we fail to protect your website or game server, then we will be happy to refund.
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