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JavaPipe’s Cloud Hosting

JavaPipe first started to offer Java hosting as early as 2001. Back then it wasn’t built on Cloud infrastructure, but common dedicated and virtual server. JBoss, Jetty and Glassfish were offered in addition to Tomcat.

10 years later everything got migrated to Cloud infrastructure and Tomcat became the standard Java server for hosting plans.

Today JavaPipe doesn’t only offer Java hosting, but also PHP hosting in the Cloud, domain names and SSL certificates.


Why JavaPipe for Web Hosting?

We’ve been in this business for almost two decades. When selecting a hosting provider to trust with your data and business, you need to be certain that not only the service is reliable, but also the support and the provider itself.

We constantly improve our hosting services to make sure we can always offer the latest and greatest technology to you as a customer.

If you run into any issues with your web application, our support will help you around the clock.

JavaPipe's Cloud Hosting