JavaPipe Unveils GuardPanel

DDoS Protection Expert JavaPipe Unveils GuardPanel, its newest tool, to customers. GuardPanel is a control panel that makes it easy for customers to manage their DDoS protection products with ease.

Guardpanel dashboard
Guardpanel Main dashboard

Guardpanel Features

The panel introduces its users to several useful features, such as on-demand routing updates and custom configuration settings. Minecraft and other gaming communities can also benefit from GuardPanel’s thoroughness, especially because hosts can ban troublesome users through the panel.

Because the panel instantly connects clients to their DDoS Protection services, users can choose their protection package and simply click to order. Set up is simple through GuardPanel's easy-to-use interface, but if assistance is needed, JavaPipe's expert staff is always ready to assist.

“It is a well known fact that DDoS attacks are on the rise,” said John Larsen, the Chief Executive Officer of javapipe. “GuardPanel was designed to combat DDoS attacks by providing nearly instant access to DDoS Protection and enables our clients to customize configuration on the fly.”

JavaPipe LLC, is a leading provider of web hosting and security solutions. JavaPipe maintains a partnership with RioRey, the leader in dedicated DDoS protection, to deliver 10Gbps of protection.