JavaPipe DDoS Protection Network

To provide a maximum of quality and affordability, we take infrastructure planning very seriously and house our hardware only in facilities that comply with our high requirements. We partner with data centers around the world to deliver our various hosting and DDoS protection services to our clients. It's a relationship we build with these facilities so there is a mutual trust that we can rely on them to be proactive in SLA and quality of bandwidth to assure the highest possible quality at affordable prices.

Physical security and reliability also one of our top priorities. Every data center that houses our hardware has redundant power, cooling, 24/7 security staff and can only be entered with a valid security card and code by the on-site technical staff members.

In both Bucharest and New York we operate our own RioRey DDoS mitigation hardware for highly effective and customizable DDoS mitigation solutions. Unlike many other providers, we're able to customize our DDoS filtering to exactly match the requirements of the application it has to protect, to assure highest availability without interruptions. Even though Voxility offers their own Intrusion Prevention System (IPS), we do not utilize this solution as part of our DDoS mitigation strategy - we use purely RioRey premium hardware and our own in-house filtering solutions.

Voxility in Bucharest, Romania

  • Redundant 1.2Tbps core routers.
  • Cisco edge routers and switches.
  • 700Gbps Level3 and Telia premium bandwidth.
  • Direct connectivity to many major internet exchanges.
  • Over 720 peering relations for perfect routes.
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ColoCrossing in New York, USA

  • Redundant core routers.
  • Juniper edge routers and switches.
  • 160Gbps premium bandwidth.
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