Riorey RS-Series 10gbps Anti-DDoS Mitigation Device for sale!

We are upgrading to better and more powerful firewalls which means enhanced protection for our clients. The RS10 is a very potent device for lower requirements or for those who are starting out with DDoS protection.

About the RS10 Anti-DDoS Hardware

Picture of the RS10 DDoS mitigation device
RS10 component - rweb and bypass not shown.

The RS-Series Anti-DDoS protect networks running 10Gb bandwidth connections where the average traffic on the connections is moderate. The RS-Series are capable of filtering up to 4Mpps+ (under attack). The power supplies and fans are redundant and hot swappable, giving the RS a 99.999% system availability rating. The RS-Series is available in both fail-open and fail-closed high availability modes. The RS can be installed in an off-ramp scrubbing center or in-line to protect the network against all major classesof DDoS attacks.

Benefits of the RS10

  • - 4Mpps+ Filtering of any type of DDoS attack or 10Gbps
  • - Protects against all major classes of DDoS Attacks (TCP Based, TCP-HTTP Based, UDP Based, and ICMP Based).
  • - Detection and mitigation of DDoS is automatic and does not require the collecting and analyzing of network baseline traffic patterns
  • - Algorithmic architecture is designed to provide a very high assurance of passing good traffic while mitigating bad traffic
  • - Proven protection against attacks, this device has been used successfully to filter large attacks against game / voip and web applications at

This Riorey RS10 Includes

  • - Physical mitigation hardware RS10
  • - Automatic bypass switch (10Gbps bypass silicom ) in case anything goes bad your network will not suffer downtime.
  • - rWeb Management server for monitoring and fine grain tuning per IP.
  • - 1 Year maintenance and service from Riorey that includes system updates to combat new types of DDoS.

Priced at $59k - original price was $95k

If you are interested, then please contact us by clicking here.