Service Level Agreement (SLA)

Service Level Agreement

JAVAPIPE LLC is proud to offer high level of performance, stability and service. We wish to convey our commitment to our customers in form of a Service Level Agreement (SLA). This will provide clarification on rights and remedies regarding our performance of services that we offer.

1. Descriptions of Service

JavaPipe provides Java Hosting, DDoS protection services and DDoS protected dedicated servers to customers across the world. A brief description of our services is provided below.

  • Tomcat Hosting: JavaPipe provides Tomcat and JDK based java hosting on a shared environment, this service is priced on the basis of memory requirements of a customer. JavaPipe also provides dedicated servers customized for java hosting using industry best practices.
  • DDoS Protection Services: JavaPipe provides protection services for customers affected by Distributed Denial of Service Attacks (DDoS) originating on internet from various rogue sources around the world. Protection is applicable for game servers, application servers and web sites. This service uses high tech hardware and software filtering effectively blocking bad traffic while passing legitimate traffic to customers real server..
  • Dedicated Servers: This service is an extension of JavaPipe’s DDoS Protection Services and is provided to customers needing a secure and dedicated environment to host their game servers, app servers and web sites. This eliminates the need for proxying the traffic and vastly improves latency related problems that a customers might face, especially with gaming applications.

2. Service Standards

2.1 Service Availability: All of JavaPipe’s services are available 24 hours 7 days a week. For this JavaPipe has established a help desk which is monitored by qualified technicians. All Our services have a minimum response time of 2 hours and resolution time of 6 hours. We also offer additional support levels named Sidekick and Superior which provide response times of 1 hour and 15 minutes respectively and include additional SLA benefits.

2.2 Service Credits and Guarantee: To quality for service credits and guarantee, you must have Sidekick or Superior support packages, dedicated server(s) or our 100% uptime managed web hosting solutions. Guarantees are based on support packages features and include uptime guarantees of 99.5% uptime or better. Basic support is excluded from SLA credits and guarantees.

Uptime credits are applied only to qualified outages that affect customers of Sidekick and Superior support, and dedicated servers and 100% uptime custom managed web hosting.

Uptime level for the monthCompensation or credits (% of monthly fee)
> 99.5%0%
< 99.5%25%
< 96%50%
< 95%100%

 No credit shall exceed the total monthly fee of the provided service.

2.3 Operating hours are round the clock. Maintenance is scheduled well in advance and is communicated to all the customers beforehand through online noticeboard and emails. General maintenance is scheduled twice in a month and is performed with minimum downtime possible.

2.4 Response times and resolution times may be longer during an emergency situation or during a disaster.

2.5 Response times and resolution times may differ for different services.

3. Duration

3.1 Duration of the services are determined by the payment terms selected during the ordering process.

3.2 Order Date is the start date for the services which is then provided on a monthly, quarterly, biannually or yearly basis, based on the payment received.

3.3 Similarly End date of the service is also determined by the payment received.

3.4 Billing is recurring by default until service is canceled. You must request cancellation through your client area to cancel your services.

4. Roles and Responsibilities

4.1 Additional to the help desk, information related to services are provided through online knowledge base, FAQs and Welcome emails. Customers are requested to go through this resources before lodging a formal complaint through help desk. Articles are self explanatory and saves time for both customer and help desk personnel by providing specific information that is needed during consumption of our services.

4.2 Complaints lodged through help desk will be attended by a billing or support staff, anything that is not resolved during a specific time period will be escalated to support manager and service engineers.  

5. Support

Basic Support: Support is available over email and through the ticketing system. Response time is guaranteed within 6 hours, usually sooner.

  • Customer monitors their own proxy uptime.
  • We will handle system wide monitoring

6. Feedback and reports

6.1 We encourage customer feedback about any a spect of our services.

6.2 We strive to ensure customer satisfaction at all times, and in case of any problems, we do our best to solve any problem to our mutual satisfaction.

6.3 Reports are provided as an add-on for several services including DDoS protection.

6.4 Due to the nature of this reporting, we charge a nominal fee for the reports related to the service that the customer has been using.

7. Exceptions (Limitations)

This SLA will not apply, and Customer will not be entitled to receive a credit or exercise a termination right under this SLA, for any event that adversely impacts the Service that is caused by:

    • The acts or omissions of Customer, its employees, contractors or agents or its end users. For example, customer negligence and honest mistakes that cause downtime of their services.
    • Issues related to proxy customer’s real server or their hosting provider’s network. For example where customers remote server goes down or is blocking connections from their DDoS protected remote proxy.
  • Force Majeure Events; including but not limited to Acts of God, government regulation, labor strikes, natural disaster, and national emergency.
  • Scheduled service maintenance, alteration or implementation.
  • The failure or malfunction of equipment, applications or systems not owned or controlled by JavaPipe. Telco (bandwidth providers) and data center failures that are not part of our immediate infrastructure.
  • Hardware failures within JavaPipe infrastructure (2 hour hardware replacement time).
  • We cannot guarantee storage data integrity in case of filesystem corruption. It is customers responsibility to establish data backups using their own means or JavaPipe service.