Siteworx vs cPanel

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Even though we are trying to keep this blog more as a Q/A blog, but due to many number of questions about Siteworx vs. cPanel we decided to post something here! We get a lot of customers asking us why we use Siteworx and not cPanel. Our many years of experience has shown that building with cPanel is a constant uphill battle due to the fact that it requires changing the way Linux operates.

cPanel requires us to 'hack' Linux OS in order to fulfill the requirements of this control panel. This definitely impacts our delivery and in many cases, defeats the purpose of using a Linux OS! Siteworx however, is just the opposite. It adapts to and meshes well with the Linux OS and utilizes the OS designed functionalities to operate. For example, cPanel handles the httpd.conf by making modifications to it for all sites using it and being hosted on the server. This adds not only to our development time but also to site management costs. It creates a messy scenario that cause many down stream problems and unavoidable complications. Siteworx on the other hand, stores site httpd config information in its own conf files and rarely touches the main httpd.conf file. This design is much cleaner by leaps and bounds and as a result, much easier to manage by allowing Linux to operate as it's designed.

Some customers suggest that cPanel has a lot of bells and whistles such as blogs, photo galleries, and other plugins that can be installed from the control panel and used. This is true, however most developers aren't looking for a control panel with PHP or CGI applications, they're signing up for our services to deploy applications they've previously built for their company or clients.

Bell and Whistle lovers don't despair! We still offer regular PHP hosting for customers interested in these kinds of features but we prefer to implement them outside of our JAVA hosting servers to insure security and stability of the system.