Raw & Unedited Customer Reviews

The JavaPipe Team works hard to strive for excellence and we never promise anything we cannot deliver. Your business success is very important to us and we often go the extra mile to make sure things our services are working well for you. Below is feedback from customers over the years and feedback helps us improve and positive feedback is our treasured reward.

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I just wanted to thank your team for everything that has been done. My services is 1000 times better then any provider I have gone though in the last 5 years. I will be moving more of my services over soon.Have a great weekend. and keep up the great work! Catherine
Awesome, thanks John. I will take that advice and follow the Siteworx process once I get my Cert. As always thanks for the great service and quick response. You guys have a great team! Philip
You provide great service and will consider you for future java/tomcat projects. Bruce
I need to let my domain expire. Please let me know when my last bill will post to my account. And thanks for seven years of great service! Mandolyn
I've had a very good experience with Javapipe, their staff are extremely helpful and very friendly. I enjoy having Javapipe as my Website Host and find it reassuring that they have a fantastic knowledge of what they offer and do. There hasn't be a support ticket which Javapipe couldn't solve and they're always on hand within minutes. I feel our website is very secure in Javapipes hands and would recommend them to anybody looking for a very reliable and supportive webhost. The DDos protection is also very good and has provided us with amazing uptime considering our circumstances. Charles
I have to say I'm very happy having my websites here. I'm moving more of what I do here because you are very responsive in resolving issues. My last hosting company had only an IM and wouldn't respond to issues, ever. I'm still waiting for their help to install a cert. I never expect things to be perfect and so very much appreciate the great service you run and your professional help. Your service is well worth the very small cost. Nathan
I have been hosting my website with JavaPipe for over 2 years now and have been very satisfied with them. What differentiates JavaPipe from other hosting providers, besides their impeccable server uptime is their client support. Tickets are usually responded to within a matter of minutes. Their technical staff consisting of John Larsen and Masoud, is highly knowledgeable and takes a personal interest in resolving matters, even if they don't pertain to hosting or other services they provide. There have been instances where I am guilty of taking up a lot of their time to fix things that would not have been broken had I programmed and set up things in the right way. They never complained - and willingly shared what they knew. I am very pleased to host with JavaPipe and would highly recommend them. Salil
Having tried different web hosting supplier in the States and Europe, I can definitely recommend JavaPipe. We have used JavaPipe through many years and I am very satisfied. We have several important web applications running for bigger public and private clients, we are very dependent on a stable solution with a high performance level. We also seek to deliver the best service and support to our clients, why we are very dependent on a quick and skilled web hosting support, which is an important part of our services and solutions.
JavaPipe do have very skilled supporters and I can´t imagine you will ever get a better service and support anywhere.
I really appreciate your support and your expertise. Again you did a great and quick job when moving the our site and databases this weekend and I am very satisfied with you and JavaPipe! The server/container runs perfect. Great!
I appreciate your support and expertise and I look forward to make business with you in the future. I definitely will recommend you to people I know, partners, clients etc. Jeppe
I never dealt with a company so proactive in keeping the customer informed. That is why all my sites will be hosted by you guys... Thanks. Kyle
Just a quick note to express my appreciation the the level of support JavaPipe has given me over the past couple of days, particularly from John Larsen, who spent a lot of time diagnosing my application problem, fixing my screw-ups, then monitoring while we tested, as well as suggesting next steps to avoid the issue occurring again. Truly above and beyond what I might have expected from a provider. My emails were responded to promptly, and being able to communicate on IM made the whole process as painless as possible.
Thanks once again, Nick
Thanks for everything!

You are great, never believed there was something such as Java Web Hosting that works, all other hosting companies we have tried never worked.

Thanks, Amer
A++ for the REAL-TIME response!

Thanks again for your great service. Yue
I have been a member of JavaPipe for almost a year. During that time I have experienced continuous support almost 24 hours a day. I get to IM a help person and they are available immediately. The issues that do come up are documented and available for my view anytime. My former web site hosting service was totally unavailable other than by phone and only after some exhausting wait. JavaPipe lives up to what they claim and more. If you are considering a web hosting service I would highly recommend JavaPipe they exceed what they claim consistently. I experience a real sense of a personal commitment to me and my web site that leaves me reassured. I feel I am in good hands at even at their modest price. This company is excellent and I would compare it with any web hoisting service . You must try them they are a top notch service company! Sincerely Marshall
Outstanding! Above and beyond the normal call. Thank you sir. Half an hour after I noticed your last email I had my site up and running as developed - smooth.

You da man!
My only regret is dragging my feet in both closing this ticket and submitting this well-earned closing comment. David
Thanks for the great, no hassle service. I have other domains with Javapipe and recommend you to all my friends.
Thanks again. Greg
I would just like to say that Java|Pipe has been a tremendous supportive role in helping my company get into the hosting business. I knew absolutely nothing about hosting when we started. We are a website development company that builds about 5-10 new websites each month so our hosting clients are mostly our website design clients. We watched our business grow rapidly and almost over night. What Java|pipe has done for our company is basically what I call hand holding. Java|Pipe, Thanks for your continued support and if you are looking for someone to be your supportive company than you just found them! Malcom
Prior to my partnership with Display Hosting/Java|Pipe, my site was being maintained by another company. When they crashed, my site, domain name and email all became obsolete. I had no access to them so my site which was down for several months. When I came in contact with Display Hosting/Java|Pipe, they directed me and and gave me tech support even before they hosted my site. They have answered numerous questions and have given invaluable service to my situation. I would refer Display Hosting/Java|Pipe to anyone interested in prime service, great benefits and affordable hosting. Thanks! Brandon
We used Displayhosting/Java|Pipe for our travel website based on a recommendation by someone we know. So far, the service and the hosting performance has been excellent. We would think that for such support and performance, the price would be on the higher side, we're not complaining though!!! Thank you, Displayhosting/Java|Pipe staff for doing a good job (and for the helpful tips on setting up the website) Sohel
Great hosting company. Stable servers and staff who bend over backwards to help you make sure your site is on a decent server and is working how it should. Adam
The best part about your site is the customer service. The quick response is great. Ryan
I just want to say that your customer support has been TOP NOTCH! Thanks again! Pat
As a growing web design and software development firm, our team makes every effort to achieve excellence and exceed our client expectations. To this end, we require a web hosting service which exhibits this same drive to achieve beyond mediocrity. We, as many others I'm sure, have been lured by less-than-reliable hosting services promising the world for pennies. I'm compelled to deliver this message, not only because Display Hosting/Java|Pipe provides outstanding service and support, but for the simple reason that, from Day One, it appeared that Display Hosting/Java|Pipe put forth the effort to personalize my experience. I was not spoon-fed generic responses to my questions, rather, I received quality answers and the entire exchange left me with the impression that I was actually having a conversation with the support staff, as opposed to some anonymous tech providing canned answers. Jeffrey
Few hosting companies even responded to my inquiries about having a dedicated JVM. Those that did took an average of a week to respond.

Not so with Java|Pipe! I received a response within hours. I was set up and started building applications on the site in no time at all!

If your looking for a hosting company I highly recommend Java|Pipe! Keith
Great speeds , responsive staff and very prompt in making changes & resolving tech problems etc . i had a nice and warm experience dealing with the firm. Vinay
Java|Pipe is the best hosting company I have ever been with and their support is OUTSTANDING! Billy
Thanks - that was fast.

When I first signed up for your free webhosting service trial, I strongly considered canceling at the end of the trial because your package didn't quite match my needs. I stayed on because one of your managers asked me not to ruin your 0% cancellation rate, and tried hard to accommodate my specific requirements. Given the reliable service and excellent customer service I've received over the past 5 years, I'm very happy that I didn't switch providers.

Cheers, Brendt
During my two years with JavaPipe where I hosted my personal site, the service and speed of customer service was great. The people responding were knowledgeable and helpful, even when the problem was on my end. Communication about changes was complete and detailed. I don't remember any server downtime. Their company websites are uncluttered but detailed and professional-looking. I would recommend JavaPipe for any kind of website including business sites where an overall exceptional hosting company would be required.

Thanks! Ryan
Thanks much for the assistance! Your (and the rest of your team's) excellent support is truly appreciated.

Thanks again! Lance
Thanks for all the help. You've been extremely responsive - always trying to figure out alternative ways for a solution. It's support like this which keeps a customer glued to a service. Zulfiqar
It is fast and easy and everyone there is friendly and courteous. Their page loads are very fast and their services well, just overall rock! Scott
Thanks again for your quick response. You guys impress me everytime. Shida