Why JavaPipe for DDoS Protection?

As the threat of DDoS attacks grew, so did the amount of providers. As the amount of providers grew, so did the amount of resellers. If we are to traverse the landscape today, many offer "DDoS Protection" though, what are their qualifications? Are they really DDoS experts? Do they have access to the DDoS mitigation equipment? Or are they just reselling?

As you more than likely assumed, DDoS protection is to protect online resource availability even in the event of a cyber attack. It is normally an expensive solution, and as such should be delivered up to par, with increased availability, minimal latency, and reliable support.

JavaPipe, a leading provider of Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) Protection with threat mitigation hardware in America and Europe, is breaking through the noise. Here are 8 of the many reasons why you should pick JavaPipe over other DDoS protection providers:


8 Good Reasons Why You Should Choose JavaPipe

  1. JavaPipe wholly owns industry leading DDoS mitigation hardware in both America and Europe. This allows them to tailor all aspects of the DDoS filtering to the particular needs of each client's application.

  2. JavaPipe employs DDoS mitigation specialists that have hands-on access to the DDoS mitigation devices. This guarantees the ability to swiftly adjust the filtering in response to new or very sophisticated attacks.

  3. JavaPipe employs a multi-layer DDoS mitigation strategy consisting of three layers. The first layer of defense is ACLs at the edge network to stop most volumetric attacks. The second layer is a cluster of RioRey DDoS mitigation equipment to block TCP-based attacks. The third layer is a custom developed in-house DDoS firewall cluster that can detect and block all remaining TCP and UDP attack traffic in less than one second.

    This multi-layer DDoS mitigation strategy ensures that every single DDoS attack is being fully mitigated as soon as it starts. At many other providers some attacks slip through their filtering because they only use one or two layers, or their filtering devices take a minute to detect and block an attack, which is a disaster for mission critical systems.

  4. JavaPipe's prices are very low compared to what you get. At JavaPipe you get high-end services at budget prices. At any other provider you'll get budget services for budget prices or high-end services for really high prices - usually about 10 times of what you pay at JavaPipe.

  5. JavaPipe's support response time is one of the fastest in the industry, normally under 15 minutes. You have the security of always reaching someone to help you in case of an emergency - our expert staff is available 24/7.

  6. JavaPipe is known for customer satisfaction and can customize protection on a per customer or per IP basis for optimal performance and mitigation. At most providers no customization is possible, although it's crucial to assure most efficient DDoS filtering.

  7. JavaPipe's remote DDoS protection for websites can forward e-mail ports as well and not just HTTP(S) traffic, which allows you to receive e-mails on your backend server forwarded through the remote protection. Most other providers lack this feature and you wouldn't be able to receive mails without either exposing your server IP to attackers or using an external mail server which results in further costs.

  8. JavaPipe has GuardPanel - the first-of-its-kind control panel to setup, manage, and monitor your remote protection: with real-time attack and traffic statistics. GuardPanel can be white-labeled for resellers.


DDoS stats in Guardpanel
GuardPanel DDoS Statistics