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Key Features

1-Click Install

Install the latest WordPress + LSCache plugin with a single click.


Add users and resell WordPress hosting to your clients.


Powered by the world’s fastest web server with native caching and PHP 7.2.


Add a staging area to test updates for your production site.

Cloudflare Ready

Pre-configured for Cloudflare to globally improve performance.


Latest and fastest HTTP protocol standard.

Free SSL

Unlimited free SSLs that auto renew. Set once & never think of it again.


Automated daily & manual backups. Restore with 1 click.

We're Biased... See What Our Customers Say

Samuel portrait

633% Faster Website


Samuel before


Samuel after

“I recently changed my hosting to JavaPipe and got a huge performance boost.

My page load time dropped from 3 seconds to less than 400ms.

Best of all, I didn’t have to lift a finger as the DFY migration & speed-up service was flawless.”

Samuel H., ArchSEO

Chet Portrait

689% Faster Website


Chet Before


Chet after

“We tested out WPEngine, Cloudways, Namecheap, etc. and were always left with a mediocre site speed.

We got extremely lucky in finding JavaPipe as we were paying $100 for what we are paying now, and have sites running at twice the speed as they were on WPEngine.

Can NOT recommend JavaPipe enough, this is a game changer for anyone struggling to find fast hosting with reliable support.

Chet T., Collective Inbound

Michael portrait

405% Faster Website


Michael before


Michael after

“My site’s speed has improved tremendously after I moved to JavaPipe from my usual cPanel hosting.

Also, the support staff at JavaPipe was very very helpful to clear all my queries and offered me a free site migration service.

I couldn’t be more happy.

Highly recommended!

Michael P., SEO Expert

Sumit portrait

848% Faster Website


Sumit before


Sumit after

“Customer support is what sets JavaPipe apart from other hosting companies.

They offer cutting edge hosting solutions that will boost your website performance while providing support that is unmatched in the industry.

Exteremly satisfied with them.”

Sumit B., SERPSeeds

JavaPipe vs. Other Providers



Grow Your Site with the Fastest WordPress Hosting Service

If you’re doing any sort of online marketing, you’ll have run into WordPress, one of the most popular ways to build and maintain a website or blog. However, you may also discover that while WordPress is a great tool for initiating a website, it lacks resources when it comes to hosting your platform.

To be fair, WordPress does offer free hosting for blogs, but once you start using your website for marketing or generating revenue, you will need to start looking into managed hosting solutions.

There are thousands of hosting services that meet WordPress’s minimum requirements, so how do you find the right solution for your needs? To get ahead in today’s competitive digital landscape, you need a solution that’s fast, reliable, and secure. As you look at different providers, don’t limit yourself to the performance quality that you think you need right now – think of the quality of performance you’ll need as your website grows.

This is how fast a website using JavaPipe loads with the default theme “Twenty Seventeen”.

Fastest WordPress hosting loading speed of twenty seventeen theme

Picking the cheapest WordPress hosting plan may meet your needs for a short time, but choosing the fastest WordPress hosting plan from JavaPipe will ensure the success of your website no matter how its growth and traffic!

With unlimited domains, unlimited databases, and 1000GB of monthly bandwidth, you’ll be able to handle whatever traffic comes your way without ever sacrificing speed or performance. Our solution doesn’t just give you room to grow – it helps speed up your growth, too. That’s because fastest hosting speeds mean higher search rankings, and higher search rankings mean more web traffic and more conversions.

What is WordPress Hosting?

So far we’ve talked a bit about the importance of choosing the right hosting service, but we haven’t gone into detail about why you actually need WordPress hosting.

What is a Host?

In simple terms, a host is your website’s home on the web. It’s where all the data about your website is stored. When users access your site, they access it on the host’s servers. So, having a reliable host is essential for having a website that loads quickly and has no downtime.

There are thousands, if not hundreds of thousands of hosting services available, most of which are very similar to each other. Most operate on a per-month or per-year basis in which you renew the contract at the end of that period and pay a set amount for the duration of the contract. Other hosting services may charge you based on the amount of traffic your website receives.

When looking for a host, the main things you should consider are your budget, their speed and how much downtime they allow per month. Downtime will produce an obvious negative effect, while slower web hosts will negatively impact your business more subtly. Most users don’t like waiting for a site to load, and will instead click away and find another site. Check hosting review and hosting comparison sites to find the best and fastest WordPress hosting for your needs.

What is WordPress?

WordPress is a free and open-source CMS (content management system) website builder that’s used to create blogs, business websites, portfolios, e-commerce websites, and more. It’s become incredibly popular with users who don’t want to learn to code to build an attractive and functional site. While the base service is free, there are also paid options with more perks for businesses. WordPress is also the go-to platform for bloggers, since blog hosting on WordPress is free and setting up a blog is very simple.

But once you start moving into the more advanced aspects of WordPress and design a full website with content and maybe even an e-store, you will need to find an alternative host – that’s where JavaPipe comes in.

We take care of the technical side of running a website so that you can focus on creating content, converting leads, and growing your business. Our managed hosting solutions keep your website secure, your page load times short and your uptime high. You won’t have to deal with any of the headaches that come with managing your own WordPress website.

JavaPipe’s plans are designed exclusively for WordPress. That means you not only get the best hosting, best speeds and great support, you also get WordPress-specific expertise via live chat and email.

Why Use WordPress?

There are many advantages to building your website with WordPress. For starters, it already powers more than 30% of the entire web.

But you shouldn’t choose a website building platform on popularity alone, so let’s check out some of the practical benefits of creating your website with WordPress.

  • Frequent Updates – WordPress wouldn’t have such an amazing reputation if it wasn’t a secure CMS. Because it’s open-source, WordPress is constantly being updated and improved. New security threats are always appearing, but WordPress always stays one step ahead.
  • SEO Friendly – For search engines like Google and Bing, WordPress websites are easy to read and understand, which helps you rank higher on search engine results pages (SERPs). Furthermore, with the help of plug-ins, you can track keywords and optimize your content, further boosting rankings and bringing in more traffic.
  • Built-In Blogs – WordPress is famous for its built-in blogs, which make scheduling regular blog posts a breeze. Blogs aren’t just for hobbyists anymore – they can be a great way to improve SEO and increase your rankings.
  • Easy Customization – Whether you want to build your website from scratch or start from a premade theme, WordPress offers flexible customization options that you can use to make your site unique. You can even start with one of the many WordPress themes and adapt it to your aesthetic. Their user-friendly control panel makes website design even simpler.

When you start looking into WordPress, you may be a bit confused about why there are two sites: WordPress.com and WordPress.org. To put it simply, WordPress.com is the simpler program that is completely free and great for guiding beginner users. It’s managed by WordPress, so you don’t have to worry about hosting, but the downside is that you don’t have much flexibility in what you can do.

WordPress.org, on the other hand, is self-hosted and offers more powerful features. It is more advanced and offers you much more control over your site and its functions. There are also more plug-in options that add an extra layer of customization and allow you to meet any special needs your business may require.

How Much Will You Pay For WordPress?

A frequent claim about WordPress is that it’s free. While this is technically true, – the base program is free to download and install – there are some costs that you need to consider. The obvious one is the hosting service. While you can find plenty of cheap WordPress hosting plans, as little as $3/month, you, unfortunately, will get what you pay for. Most better hosting providers will charge you between $30 and $60 per month to host your WordPress.

In addition, while the base WordPress CMS is free, taking advantage of plug-ins may not be. There are many free plug-ins that you can try, but the premium ones tend to be paid and offer better support and constant updates.

Fast WordPress Hosting That Boosts Rankings

Why You Should Care About Speed and Page Load Times

As of 2018, Google considers page load times over 3 seconds to be unacceptably slow. If a mobile site takes more than 3 seconds to load, more than half of users will abandon it altogether. This will cost you in new conversions and probably drive existing customers away as well.

It’s never been more important to reduce your page load times. Website speed is officially considered a Google ranking factor, which means that if you don’t optimize your website speed, your competitors will. While load times can vary depending on a number of factors, including server location and the size and layout of your site, the most important factor is the quality of your provider and the speed at which your host can retrieve your site.

How JapaPipe Provides Lightning Fast Load Times

At JavaPipe, providing the best loading times possible for both desktop and mobile sites is our top priority. But how is JavaPipe able to offer the fastest WordPress hosting on the market? Let’s take a look at some of the features that make our impressive speeds possible:

  • LiteSpeed – Using LiteSpeed, the world’s fastest web server, we’re able to provide lightning-fast hosting solutions. With a flexible load balancing algorithm, edge-side caching, HTTP/2 offloading, and other advanced technologies, LiteSpeed outperforms the competition and we pass that speed directly to you.
  • Isolated Virtual Servers – Instead of shared hosting plans, we offer virtual hosting dedicated servers. That means you don’t have to share server space with other websites. By giving you more resources, our fully isolated virtual servers significantly boost page response times. We also ensure that our data centers are spread around, further decreasing latency and increasing WordPress speed.
  • Cloudflare CDN Support – A content delivery network (CDN) decreases latency caused by a distant server location by loading your site’s content automatically onto a server closer to the visitor’s browser. Combining WordPress with CDN support through Cloudflare gives our customers a huge speed boost.
  • SSD Storage – Compared to traditional magnetic platter hard drive storage disks, our SSD storage solutions allow for faster data retrieval, further boosting your site’s overall performance.

Fastest Web Hosting Means Better Performance, More Conversions

Compared to the average web hosting service, JavaPipe’s plans improve site performance by 643%. But we wouldn’t be the best WordPress hosting provider if we were just fast. That’s why another important part of our commitment to high performance and higher conversions is reliability.

Downtime is a huge factor in a customer’s perception of your brand and business. If your site is constantly down, you’ll drive away existing customers who want more reliability, and new customers won’t even get to see your site for the first time. If you’ve spent resources on designing the best site with the most compelling content and sleek navigation, your efforts will go to waste if nobody can see the website due to downtime or long load times.

Bounce rate increase with poor wordpress page loading time

Better user experience is directly related to higher conversion rates. While website design and navigation is a huge part of the user experience, so are load times and reliability. It’s worthless to invest in one aspect of the user experience without investing in the others as well. That’s why having a reliable host is so vitally important. A good web hosting company will guarantee a certain amount of uptime and will offer great support in the event that there is some issue at the data centers that can affect your site.

Customers won’t return to a website that’s always slow or down. With uptimes above 99% and the fastest WordPress hosting on the planet, JavaPipe’s dedicated servers give you consistently high performance so that you can provide the best user experience possible.

In this way, hosting with JavaPipe can help you meet and even exceed your digital marketing goals with increased client engagement and positive brand image. We also encourage you to use analytics such as speed tests to ensure that you’re getting the speeds you’re paying for.

Cutting-Edge Security Features

One of the biggest concerns for users of hosting services is security. Most WordPress hosts experience a number of attacks daily, ranging from hackers trying to steal customer data to DDoS attacks that result in extensive downtime.

Cyber-attacks can manifest in many ways. The simplest is a hack into your customer database where consumer information and even credit card details can be accessed. Ransomware attacks are also on the rise, where hackers essentially hold your site for ransom unless you pay a certain amount. And finally, DDoS (Distributed Denial of Service) can affect entire servers and data centers, resulting in extended downtime and subsequent loss of income.

Having a secure website is essential, not only to maintain consumer trust but also to protect your own information. The web host you use is your first line of defense against attacks, and many good hosts will implement their own security features to protect your information.

Cybercriminals are smart, but JavaPipe’s secure managed WordPress hosting is smarter. Our state-of-the-art safety features will help secure your site against these devastating cyber-attacks, helping you maintain consumer trust as well as protect your own interests.

  • DDoS Protection – JavaPipe’s comprehensive DDoS services provide 24/7 protection against cyber-attacks. Load balancing technology filters out attack traffic so that your site continues to run smoothly for your regular visitor even during an attack.
  • Free SSL Certificates – SSL certificates are your website’s best line of defense to protect your customer data. They work as a type of padlock and key system to encrypt credit card data, login details, and other sensitive information. It’s an essential part of maintaining a reputable website, but getting your certificate from certificate authorities can be a pain, particularly if you have a small IT team. Our unlimited free SSL certificates renew automatically, meaning you never have to worry about expired certificates.
  • Daily Backups – Choose between automated or manual daily backups to protect your site. If your website is ever hacked or critical files are ever mistakenly deleted, you can easily restore your latest backup.

Affordable Option Without Limits

There are many WordPress hosting providers that sound great at first glance, but offer limited plans that max out at a certain amount of usage per month. This is great for when you’re starting out and not getting lots of traffic, but they can very quickly become restrictive. When you find that your web host isn’t growing with you, get in touch with JavaPipe.

We understand that sometimes you may be constrained by budget concerns, but this should never be an excuse to look for the cheapest option. Other hosting companies overcharge for limited options that are average at best. This product gives you the power of superior performance and the freedom of unlimited domains and databases at prices you can afford.

JavaPipe has a variety of options available that are budget-friendly but still offer better hosting options than our competitors. We’re definitely not the cheapest WordPress hosting provider on the market, but we offer a higher-quality service that will grow with you without breaking your budget.

When your options are limited, you have to worry about exceeding monthly caps and running out of storage space. JavaPipe’s plans give you a generous 20GB SSD storage and 1000GB (1TB) of traffic, although no free domain, giving you plenty of space to expand and grow without feeling limited by your provider.

Fully Isolated Virtual Servers for Fastest WordPress Hosting Providers

Shared Hosting

Shared hosting is a popular option in which multiple sites all share the same server. Hosting companies usually never disclose the other websites sharing your server, and you may find that you’re competing for the same resources.

Shared hosting is definitely an appealing option for new business owners as it’s the cheapest option. However, due to the competition for server space, it is also one of the slowest options and can be very vulnerable to cyber-attacks.

A good metaphor for shared hosting is living with twenty roommates. You all share the same space, and you all have to wait to use limited resources like the sink or shower. In the case of a shared hosting server that wait time translates directly into slower server speeds, which result in longer load times, more bounces and fewer sales.

Dedicated Hosting and VPS Hosting

In a dedicated hosting situation, you have your own server that you use for hosting your WordPress site. As you can imagine, the costs can ramp up pretty quickly; not only is server space expensive, setting up and managing your own server is time-consuming and resource-intensive.

That’s why we go for the intermediate option: cheap KVM VPS hosting. A VPS hosted environment is set up on a virtual server that mimics a dedicated server but is actually on a shared one. Think about it as having your own flatlet in a house. You still share the house with twenty people, but you have access to all your own resources. This technology is what all the fastest WordPress hosts use to guarantee quick load speeds for affordable prices.

JavaPipe is able to offer the fastest WordPress hosting 2019 because our sites run on fully isolated virtual private servers. With our dedicated hosting plans, you won’t have to fight for resources ever again. Compared to shared hosting, our dedicated servers give you more storage, faster site speeds, and high quality that you can consistently rely on.

Easy to Manage WordPress Sites

You don’t need to be a tech wizard to use our managed hosting services. We take care of all the behind-the-scenes work for you, such as managing server space and installing new server architecture. You just get to sit back and enjoy the results.

With web hosting services from JavaPipe, you can install the latest WordPress + LSCache plugin with just one click. From there, the control panel is easy to navigate, even if you have little experience with technology or WordPress. And if you run into any issues that you can’t solve, we will make sure you have access to a knowledgeable and experienced support team that responds promptly to any problems you may encounter. Whether you plan on managing one website or multiple sites, it’s never been easier.

Free Site Migration

So what happens if you’ve already got a WordPress site, but you want to move hosting providers? If you’ve gotten fed up with slow load times or excessive downtime, we will be happy to help you make the switch to JavaPipe.

When you move to JavaPipe, free migration and optimization of one website are included in the service, letting you easily transfer your existing WordPress so that your service isn’t interrupted. Our tech experts will take care of the entire migration process, so all you have to do it sit back and enjoy the benefits of fast hosting and a more reliable website.

Optimized WordPress Sites for Mobile Devices

Most of your customers are viewing your site on mobile devices. As of 2018, more than half of all online traffic comes from mobile devices which means that if your website isn’t optimized for smartphones and tablets, you risk losing more than half of your audience and in turn, half of your revenue.

The biggest issue mobile users face with WordPress is slow loading times. Smartphones may be powerful, but they still take longer to load sites than desktops, mainly due to lack of processing power and slower internet connections. Sites not optimized for mobile platforms can drive away customers due to the frustrating user experience.

That’s why we make sure that our WordPress hosting packages are mobile-friendly and optimized for slower cellular networks. Out fast WordPress hosting helps to ensure that speed is never a problem on any device. By hosting with LiteSpeed, we can guarantee quick response times even on mobile.

If you find that your website design isn’t mobile friendly, WordPress has your back. There are numerous plug-ins that help users convert desktop sites to mobile ones, giving you a better-designed website to enhance your users’ experience on tablets, smartphones, and other devices.

Cloudflare Ready

CDN is an excellent way to increase website loading speeds by delivering your page to users based on their location. With JavaPipe, you have the option to combine your WordPress hosting with CDN, as all of our hosting plans support Cloudflare, the leading CDN on the market today.

Our Cloudflare-ready plans let you speed up your site even more by caching your WordPress content across the global web. Should you decide to set up Cloudflare, your site will become more accessible to visitors around the globe, bringing you more traffic at faster speeds. And as always, we’re on hand to provide you with any support that you may need.

Reseller Friendly Hosting Packages

If you’re interested in selling your own hosting packages, JavaPipe’s reseller friendly WordPress hosting can help you get started.

We give you the hard drive space and bandwidth, and you rent it out to clients using WordPress however you see fit – it’s that easy. Reseller hosting is a great way to make extra revenue and promote your brand.

You don’t need to be a hosting expert to give your clients the fastest hosting for WordPress. We still take care of all the back-end work, like keeping your sites fast and secure, so all you have to do is bring in customers.

Get Started with the Web’s Best Managed WordPress Hosting

Give your website an edge over the competition with a product no other WordPress hosting providers can offer. If you’re looking for the best web hosting service, JavaPipe makes it easy to improve your site’s speed, significantly increasing your search engine ranking and making it easier for potential customers to find you.

Better SEO, more traffic, and higher revenues are within your reach. To get started with the best WordPress host available, simply sign up for our fastest WordPress hosting plan today!